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Blue Sky Dreaming

If you knew you couldn't fail how would you live your life?

We often don't let ourselves consider all the possibilities of our life when we are early in recovery. There's almost a superstitious feeling about acknowledging that we might have an amazing life in the future.

Imagining the best life you can have and giving it as much detail as possible will help to pull you in that direction. When you continue to keep doing the same things that you have been, you will continue to get the same results. So why not try to alter your path a bit?

When you are imagining your best reality, include all your senses and all aspects of your life.

Where do you live? What does it smell like there? What does your home look like? Who lives there with you?

What are you doing to make money? Is it something you love? Do you work with others?

Who are your friends? Do you have a partner? What are their characteristics? Do you have a pet? Or pets?

How do you spend your weekends? Who are you with? What sorts of things do you get to see and feel?

Let your imagination flow with this prompt. Again, know that you can come back at any point to add to your list.

This collection may be helpful to remind yourself of where you are heading on days when you feel really stuck.

Dream big!

Dr. U.

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