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Fear of Sobriety

Very often we are afraid of what we don't already know.

For this prompt, you may end up pulling up some icky feelings. Please make sure that you have someone to talk to after and a comfy cup of tea to enjoy to keep you grounded and present.

This can make us avoid things that are potentially good for us. We can avoid these feelings, but will end up acting on them any way. It's much better to face them so that we will know how to manage them.

Being afraid of being sober makes sense, especially if it's been a long time since you have been. Suddenly, you'll be expected to work, interact socially, do chores, have sex .... all while sober.

The thoughts and beliefs that we might have about sobriety don't need to make sense. In fact, they probably don't.

By acknowledging that these fears are present, we can call them out and make sure that we don't let them effect our recovery.

Write about some of the fears that you have about sobriety, even if you know that they are silly. Think about your interactions with friends, family, coworkers; how you perform at work and at home. Put words to all the monsters of sobriety that your brain has created over the years. Come back to this list as more ideas pop into your head this week.

These words are the sword that you will use to slay those monsters.

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