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Collection of Important Contacts

Through your recovery journey, you are going to meet some amazing people that you will want to keep in touch with. They will become part of your safety plan when you are worried about slipping or need someone to rely on.

In moment's of stress, our memory isn't as strong as we'd like it to be. Keeping these names, numbers, email addresses all in one place can help protect you.

I usually think of my bullet journal as my 'external brain'. Sometimes my phone doesn't work or I'm avoiding the texts that are on it. Having another option for contacting people is priceless.

As well, seeing the list of people I can rely on, right there on one page (or 5 depending on you), makes me realize how connected I am. Looking at that list and knowing that all these people have my back, even if I choose not to reach out, is incredibly comforting.

It will be worth having a code for how you know different people. For example, a triangle might be someone you met in AA, a cross your medical professional team, a squiggle for someone from the Caduceus group, etc. etc.

Like all your collections, this is something you will be able to add to over time and thread between pages to keep them all in one journal. (See my post Setting up a Journal for more info on this.)

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