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Knowing our own values will help us figure out how to get to our end goals. Thinking about them in an intentional way can make a big difference.

I've put together a couple of videos that offer lists of values that are important to health care workers. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to interact. For each slide, pick the value that is the most important to you. Don't hit pause, go with your gut.

Take a look at the list you have in front of you. Of these, which is the most important to you today? Were there any values that you struggled with choosing between? Were there any that you chose that surprised you? Were there any that made you feel guilty for choosing, or that you felt that you SHOULD have chosen something else?

Here's another video as well if you want to look more at your values. Don't do these on the same day though - it can be surprisingly overwhelming.

Make a plan to come back again and see if your values have changed. This will especially happen after big life changes.

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