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Why I Love Recovery

On days that are less than shiny, it's hard to remember why we are putting all this hard work into our recovery. These are the days that having a list of things that make it all worth while can be very helpful.

I'd like you to start a collection in your journal of all the wonderful things that you have in your life because of recovery.

This list should look at all aspects of your life.

Physical - How do you move? How does food taste? what is your energy like? What is your sleep like?

Emotional - Do you have control over your emotions? Do you feel your feelings?

What is your mood like?

Spiritual - Is there anything that sparks a sense of well being for you? Do you feel connected to others? Do you have a belief in a higher power?

Social - What are your relationships with your family and friends like? What is your role in their lives like?

Professional - How does your occupation define you? What is your job performance like in sobriety? Has the way you manage your home and chores changed?

Psychological - How have your thought patterns changed? Do you feel as though you are any stronger mentally than you were before? Do you like these changes?

Again, this list is a great one to keep coming back to. You may have a nibble of an omlette on a weekend and remember not being able to eat this early on a Saturday ever before you were always hungover. "I get to enjoy brunch food." goes on the list. It's a list of all the positive changes that you are experiencing.

This will be just another tool in your safety kit to help you stay on track.

Enjoy this exercise!

Dr. U.

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