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How do YOU describe you?

The way that we talk about, and to ourselves matters.

When we are living in addiction, when our mental health is not strong, the way we describe ourselves can be awful. Through learning about our strengths in recovery, we are able to change that inner monologue.

This doesn't mean that everything about us is perfect and shiny, but it does mean that we are finally able to see our positive attributes.

I'd like you to start a list of adjectives that describe you. Take your time. This isn't something that needs to happen all in one sitting. The words that you come up with are going to come to you over time as you are going about your day getting stuff done.

Ask your partner, a close friend, your child - anyone - to tell you what words they would use to describe you. Write them all down.

Here's the shocking bit. All of those seemingly contradictory words describe you. You are more than just your addiction.

During addiction, we get into black and white thinking. We forget that we can do bad things AND be good people. That we can be angry at someone AND love them. Learning to see all sides of ourselves can take some getting used to.

Go back to your list at least once a month. Update it. Remind yourself of who you are.

Because you're awesome.

I'm attaching a list of adjectives to get you started. You can print this and circle the words that resonate with you, or use it as a starting point in your journal.

Let me know how it goes!

Dr. U

Adjective Journaling Exercise
Download PDF • 153KB

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