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I knew I needed help when....

Everyone's point of realizing they need to make a change is different.

We hear a lot about rock bottoms in addiction. Someone's rock bottom may be drastically different than yours. It's not a competition. The devastation is the same in both cases.

Remembering that our addictions pushed us to a point where we lost control over some (or all) aspect of our life will help to keep us sober.

Sometimes euphoric memory tricks us into thinking life in addiction was wonderful.

I'd like you to write the story of how you knew it was time to look at recovery. When did the thoughts that "this could be better" start floating through your brain? Was there someone present who helped you see this was the case? How did your body feel? What were your thoughts like? What were your finances like? What were your relationships like?

This is not a time to look back in shame. Look at this as a type of personal history autopsy to figure out how to prevent this from happening again.

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